Monday, 26 December 2011

[Album] Pinyin Lyrics: Linda Chung 鐘嘉欣 - My Private Selection

Released: March 25, 2011
Singer: Linda Chung
Producer: Star Entertainment Limited

If You Want Me 
得閒找你 (Call you when I'm not busy)
囉唆 (Annoying) 
I’ll be Waiting for You 
愛得起 (I can afford to love) 
一人晚餐 (Dinner for One)
二人世界 (World for Two)
我不懂你 (I don't know you)
火柴天堂 (Matchstick Heaven)
其實我不快樂 (I'm actually unhappy)
有沒有她 (With or without her)
浪漫無聲 (Silent Romance)
日夜想你 (Thinking of you day and night)
明爭暗鬥 (Fighting in the light and shadows)
有一天 (One Day)
白羊座的情歌 (Aries's Love song)
生死也為愛 (Life and Death for Love)
戀愛令人心痛 (Love breaks a heart)

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