Monday, 20 June 2011

Ghetto Justice vs. The Other Truth

The Other Truth (真相) hasn't been aired yet, I was just browsing wikipedia today and noticed it scheduled after Ghetto Justice (怒火街頭).

I was already feeling slightly.. what's the word? gutted? that Ghetto only has 20 episodes whereas Yes Sir Sorry Sir had it's share of a draggy 30 episodes >_< Now I read that The Other Truth has 25.. 真係有D火爆loh =_= I mean, they're both drama series airing at the same time slot, and both talk about lawyers. If anything Ghetto sounded a better plot to me - okay, maybe I'm slightly biased since Myolie is one of my favourites ever since I was 7 :P But so is Tavia... It just feels like they're promoting Tavia's series more these day? There were like.. what.. 2 promotions for Ghetto which goes to show how much tvb loved them ¬¬ But they've got good ratings so YAY we'll be able to see Ghetto Justice 2 ^__^ All the cases for The Other Truth are listed on wikipedia already O__O Way to get people interested -_- Nevertheless, I will be watching this, and I bet it's going to be good :) I'm just unhappy about the episode difference :S Ghetto has so much potential to handle more episodes, I really feel like at episode 15 now, that the series is only half-way through >_<

Though The Other Truth seems a bit more sinister than Ghetto :/ I don't really know what to think about this yet.

On another note, I'm soooo anticipating episode 16 of Ghetto~~ Wong Si Fu moves to the dark side, and Kevin's got himself involved in something bad T^T Why does it now seem like the synopsis is opposite to what is happening? S:

P.S. Kevin does NOT look 41 AT ALL O__O

Sunday, 19 June 2011

點解阿SIR係阿SIR - thoughts

Finally finished watching this series after putting it off for ages (mainly because I got to about episode 23 where Law Sir's attitude towards Carmen was really getting to me >_< I really dislike the way he handled everything, but in a way, i can't say it's his fault since he had his 'mission' and being undercover had to follow the rules that the main police guy told him :/ Some people were unhappy with the ending (that nobody ended up with anybody) but on the contrary, i think it was better than having Law Sir and Miss Ho together and Carmen in a depressed state forever? I wouldn't want those two together anyway... I know, you can't technically be in the wrong in love, but it's not right if they end up together, especially after the way Law Sir treated Carmen. It's like there's 冇天理 =_= It's a bit ironic that Ching Sir suddenly gives up what he likes doing - being in 重案組 and instead joins the children-sector of police or whatever. Apparently wanting to help people in other ways.. and Law Sir quits being a police after he's wanting to be one all these years. Even going through all that undercover work to get to wear a proper police uniform! Something I noticed near the last few episodes

The numbers in Carmen's phone, don't actually have numbers in them, so she has been calling nothingness all this time! Actually, I went back and noticed the same in Law Sir's phone too XD I guess they just didn't want us to know their numbers - they could've blurred it.. nah, they just rather it look like they were calling so they can add the sound affects in later to make editing easy i'm guessing :P

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Why do Koreans often sing better than other asians?

-in comparison to famous singers from Taiwan or Hong Kong

Not saying every korean is better than the chinese, because they're not :)

Maybe i should put it as, why do people like korean singers and bands more than other asian bands and singers.

Because they get trained before they debut. As far as I know, they get recruited when they're quite young and then they turn into trainees of the company and get taught various skills before they officially debut as a singer or a group.

I just feel.. that it's unfair of people to always compare 'Oh, XXX korean group is much better than XXX group from taiwan because they can dance so much better' So what? Some people can dance better than others, and if you've been trained to go into this career to do dancing, you're likely to do better than someone who set their mind on singing but whose company wanted to do a one-off dance in an MV

On another note, I really dislike how HK fans blow whistles and shout their artists name all throughout their songs and sing even louder than them in events ¬_¬

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ghetto Justice *spoiler* - random finding on youtube...

Click here to see it:
Starts at 9 min 57 seconds

I was just looking through random clips of things about Ghetto Justice when I came across loads of videos of this promotional event. There are quite a few spoilers in it so watch out! At the start of the clip there's some involving the other charaters but I just focused on Wong See Fu and L.A's...

It just sort of got shocked when I saw it lol... I mean, I was expecting some sort of love between them but not some straight out bed/kissing scene O__O I saw it and I thought: This is the '痛腳' that L.A was talking about >< It's gonna get him in a mush :/ I think I was most shocked whent he presenters of the event told themt o react the scene O__O I mean, like Myolie was saying, theres KIDS watching the thing ¬__¬ I don't like how they need to 靠 bed scenes to get ratings up :S This drama is good enough with it's cases already =_= Oh yeah, I heard some people saying this is like a Korean drama? Meh.. whatever XD Anyway, I think Myolie and Kevin are a cute on-screen couple ^^ I love the arguments and the sweetness/not willing to admit they're in love-ness at this stage (episode 13) :P EDIT: I haven't watched burning flame 3 >_< I was on holiday at the time lol but i just realised they were a couple there too? or at least.. ish?

Pinyin Lyrics: Stephen Wong 黃嘉樂 - 交錯

歌詞: 交錯 - TVB電視劇<怒火街頭>第9集插曲
主唱: 黃嘉樂

Stephen Wong 黃嘉樂 as character Ko Wing Leung (高永良) sings this songs as part of a band in Ghetto Justice and give this demo to his sister. This is from episode 9, case 3, the accidental murder of yuen yuen、

chung mo yun ming bak dut do seung ngoi dik yee yee
chooi see mai woo dei sut hooi yee see
yeuk heem koot jeh fun kau yee
geet gook jau yeung ngoh jee
chung lau hah hei mei yu dung jok dung dong ching jeet
都一樣 仿似小說中那些列子
do yut yeung fong chee siu shoot jung nah seh lai jee
心中位置 留下了是那心事
sum jung wai jee lau ha liu see nah sum see
wai hah liu see jeh gooi jee
loon seung gau choh liu dik see

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pinyin Lyrics: Ron Ng 吳卓羲 - 團圓

EDIT 15/06/11: full lyrics ^_^

歌詞: 團圓 - TVB電視劇<團圓>主題曲
Lyrics: Reunion - TVB drama series Theme Song

主唱: 吳卓羲
作曲: David Kong
填詞: 張美賢

我說過 明晨風雨或天晴
ngoh shoot gwoh ming sun fung yu wat teen ching
伴你走 追索幸福這路徑
boon nei jau jooi sok hung fook jeh lo ging
雖不固定 沿路欣賞優美風景
sooi but goo ding yoon lo yun seung yau mei fung ging
我與你 從前相約無憑證
ngoh yu nei chung cheen seung yurk mo pung jing
鏗鏘歡笑與夜星 拼貼最好光景
hun jeung foon siu yu yeh sing ping teep jooi ho gwong ging

cheen hung sum mo dik see leen
yeung chong hoi been zo song teen
yum sai gan jau been
我的將來已留位置 跟你說舊年
ngoh dik jeung loi yi lau wai jee gun nei shoot gau leen
sing choon mei goi dik zi yoon
chung lei beet gwoh seung shun hoh toon yoon
mo lun sum dai dik lei seung
yau doh yoon

我聽說 難求一切是公平
ngoh ting shoot nan kau yut chai see gung ping
boon nei jau jooi sok hung fook yiu noi sing
不信命 仍是真心等你給反應
but shun ming ying see jun sum dung nei kup fan ying
我見過 前頭懸崖和絕嶺
ngoh geen gwoh cheen tau yin ngai woh juet ling
跨出邊界與絕境 便成熟了
kwah chut been gai yu juet ging been sing suk liu
交出了真誠 擦亮眼睛
gaau chut liu jun sing chak leung ngaan jing

cheen hung sum moh dik see leen
yeung chong hoi been joh song teen
yum sai gan jau been
我的將來已留位置 跟你話當年
ngoh dik jeung loi yi lau wai jee gun nei wah dong leen
sing choon mei goi dik jee yoon
chung lei beet gwoh seung shun hoh toon yoon
lau joi sum dai dik lei seung
shooi ya mei been

cheen hung sum moh dik see leen
yeung chong hoi been joh song teen
yum sai gan jau been
我的將來已留位置 跟你話當年
ngoh dik jeung loi yee lau wai jee gun nei wah dong leen
sing choon mei goi dik jee yoon
chung lei beet gwoh seung shun hoh toon yoon
loi yeung sum dai sik lei seung
實現 到哪地哪天
sut yeen doh na dei na teen
只知道 熱燙的心仍未變
ji jee doh yeet tong dik sum ying mei been

Friday, 10 June 2011

Ghetto Justice 怒火街頭 - thoughts


Casting: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sam Lee, Lam Chi Sin, Joyce Tang, Sharon Chan, Shek Sau, Eddie Kwan

Executive Producer: Tong Kei Ming  Scriptwriter: Lau Choi Wan   Chan Kam Ling

LAW LIK-AH (Kevin Cheng) used to fight for personal fame and gain in the law field. After setting up a Legal Advice Centre with his cousin GEORGE MIKE JR. (Lam Chi Sin) and his good friend TING KA-FU (Sam Lee) in Sham Shui Po, LIK-AH changes his mind and realizes that law is not a privilege of the rich. By helping the grassroots to fight against injustice with unconventional tactics, LIK-AH becomes the People’s Hero of Sham Shui Po. Also working as a barrister, WONG SZ-FU (Myolie Wu) used to admire LIK-AH for his invincible performance in the field but she starts to look down upon him for he has been reduced to a ghetto lawyer. However, after a few court cases with him, the two start to appreciate and fall in love with each other. Trying to become one the elite practitioners in town, SZ-FU seizes every chance to get close to the renowned barrister TSEUNG PAK-KEI (Shek Sau). PAK-KEI enjoys playing tricks with law and SZ-FU is accidentally embroiled in a lawsuit because of him. In order to save SZ-FU, LIK-AH tries to challenge the law…

thoughts so far;

Yay, another law series ^o^ I’m quite the fan of the TVB dramas to do with law and police :D It’s nice of them to have smaller cases now instead of focusing on just the really big ones! After watching 6 episodes of this so far, I’ve realised that the summary (from tvb english site) doesn’t mention in detail any of Lik-Ah’s friends which are getting the majority of the screen-time atm. Interested to see what happens in episode 7 where (as the preview suggests) part of Lik-Ah’s ugly past is revealed ;D

Have Kevin and Myolie ever been paired up together in a drama before? I don’t recall seeing them together? Well, I think they’re going to be pretty interesting from the photos of the forced (?) kiss in the theme video XD

The first week ratings for this was 28, but really, i think this deserves more? I mean, it’s obviously not the best of the best in terms of tvb’s series but it’s better than a 28 :/  Hoping the ratings pass 30 for this week ;P

P.s. I like Kevin wearing his dodgy clothing better than his lawyer suit :D He looks more handsome that way and I don’t even know why hahaa XD

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sammul Chan leaving TVB

Again, my thoughts.

Seriously, I don’t know what all the fuss atm is about anyway, he wants to go and find more jobs in Mainland China, good for him because TVB never gave him much of a chance anyway. He hasn’t been with them for a while officially anyway right? :S

Maybe part of this was because reporters cut off the parts where he thanked TVB and only showed the bad parts about what he was saying (which tbh, was only painful truth)…

In a way, I don’t like weibo and twitter because of the small amount of privacy it offers famous people who use it. They can’t say a single normal thing without it being analysed like it’s out of an English study text or novel or something. >_<

Oh yeah, and TVB decides to rub this thing in more about the actors leaving by making a sequel to Triumph in the Skies (as reported by Apple News – i hate those reporters there ¬¬ but news is news :/)… and then they say something like “oh yeah, we’re looking to use all the original actors" err, yeah right, half of them have left.

Anyway, I support Sammul’s decision to have his freedom :)

I love Schemes of Beauty btw, but I can’t quite motivate myself to finish watching the last 7 episodes because the king (sammul’s character) has just died D: and I don’t particularly enjoy the storyline much anymore.. at least the first evil characters were ‘nice’ :S

Not to mention, Sammul was the only reason I wanted to watch Relic of an Emissary anyway~~ Ma Sam Bo FTW :D

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Sister of Eternal Flower 花花世界花家姐 - thoughts


What is up with these long weird titles recently O__o There was nothing wrong with just calling it 花花世界 was there? I have resorted to just calling it the ‘fa-series’ lol

Just a few of my thoughts about this drama so far~~

I don’t really ‘buy’ the love relationship between 蔣奕 and 珠珠.. I dunno, it’s just so contrary to his original 敗家子 character. Yes, it’s a tvb drama so they’re all going to go through a dramatic change of personality, but it’s just…so weird? Not complaining too much about it though because they’re so cute together :P I’m also wondering about why nobody caught on about his love for her… it was so obvious!? Who else was he with everyday?

For the most part of this series, I’m finding the Mike-Jenny pairing more interesting… the competitiveness between them both in the beginning and the extents they are willing to go to earn respect and to ‘help’ family. But as I am nearing towards the end of this series now, I’m not really liking them any more? I’m seeing that thing in Mike where they think “Oh no, I’m going to die soon because I have cancer, let’s make everybody I love hate me so they’ll hurt less when I die”. Let’s not mention how I’d guess the relationship between Gigi and 花偉聰 when she came out of prison.

This series is a bit of light relief from exams for me, especially some of the interactions between 蔣奕 and 哈爾濱 XD I lol at the 3 bodyguards who follow 皎皎 24/7 standing like statues while she chats to 珠珠 and advises her to lose her memory from a car crash =/

Another thing (goes to all idol-dramas lol)~~ watching stars from a tree-house doesn’t make it any more likely for people to see stars in the sky than it does at home… not to mention the amount of high-rise buildings and flats and whatnots in hong kong. Then there’s all those lights! I can’t see stars from my home where there aren’t too many lights as right in the city I can’t think how they’d be able to see anything =S

Oh, and did I mention how much I detest all those ‘港女’ they seem to show in every drama now >< I’m talking about Kimchi here.. (who names their child after a korean spicy cabbage dish? or whatever kimchi is :S)

But considering how critical I was there, I love knowing the ending of these TVB dramas before midway through them hahaha ;P Usually anyway ;)

I also like how this drama gives people a good message: “don’t overlook people with intellectual disabilities”. Don’t judge by appearances or rumours, judge by knowing the person.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Pinyin Lyrics: Hanjin Tan 陳奐仁 & MC Jin 歐陽靖 – 沒時間後悔

N.B. The first and last verses are in cantonese and everything in between is in mandarin.

沒時間後悔 - TVB電視劇<怒火街頭>主題曲
No time to regret - TVB drama Theme Song

主唱:陳奐仁, 歐陽靖
填詞:陳奐仁, 歐陽靖

nei mun ngoh jee mm jee ji gei hai do jo mut
ngoh jeng hai jee do yu gwoh ngoh seung jo jau jo dut
gum see gum yut jung yau been goh gong do dut
就算第一次唔成功 So What?
jau soon dai yut chee mm sing gung So What?

wei shen me zi bei
gan ma yao hou hui
jiu suan zai duo cuo zhe
wo dou bu ren shi bai
拜託 不是三歲小孩
bai tuo bu shi san sui xiao hai
太多 人想看我受害
tai duo ren xiang kan wo shou hai
幫我 口口聲聲的說
bang wo kou kou sheng sheng de shuo
dao tou lai jie guo
hai shi yi chang kong

誰說 我不能自已來
shei shuo wo bu neng zi ji lai
成功 用雙手建起來
cheng gong yong shuang shou jian qi lai
掌握 好的機會不多
zhang wo hao de ji hui bu duo
zhe shi wo de xiu
you gan ma bu zuo

wei shen me zi bei
gan ma yao hou hui
jiu suan zai duo cuo zhe
wo dou bu ren shi bai
wo bu hui liu lei
mei shi jian hou hui
di shang zai duo xue ji|
wo ye de zhan qi lai

tong nei gong do sai hei
ngoh jun hai mo gum dut han
dung ngoh ho siu sik
do see nei mo dut tan
mo wai lum dut tai doh sai see gan
jau soon yau kwun naan do heung cheen haang
gai juk heung cheen haang
gai juk heung cheen haang
gai juk heung cheen haang
jau soon yau kwun naan do heung cheen haang