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If you can't find the song you're looking for you can request it in the comment box below.

Requests must have either: 
  • Singer + song title
  • Singer + name of album
  • Name of drama + singer
  • Name of drama + opening//ending
Requests will be done ASAP. Once you see your request crossed off from the To Do List, check your comment for a reply with a link from me. All requests can be found HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like the lyrics to Chen Chusheng - Yin (Addiction) please ^^

domi said...

@Sungmin10ver: I've posted the lyrics :) Click here for them ^^

~ZiraGurl~ said...

Hi. Can you please post the lyrics of Poetic Justice theme song? Thank you!

florafun2 said...

Hey, could you please post the lyrics of the theme for "Highs and Lows/雷霆掃毒". I understand the drama is quite new so it may take you some time. But I would really appreciate it if you could post the lyrics :)

domi said...

@~ZiraGurl~: Della Ding - 不夠勇敢

@florafun2: Highs and Lows Theme

Chris Xia said...

Please put Linda Chung Love Love Love lyrics for all of her songs. Thankyou :)

Chris Wang said...

I would like cantonese lyrics to 雙子情歌- By:容祖兒/羅力威. Thanks!

g.ang said...

hi,can u put the lyrics for 《疑幻人生》by 謝天華、森美. Thanks very much :D

domi said...

@Chris Xia: Linda Chung Album
@Chris Wang: 雙子情歌
@g.ang: 疑幻人生

Chris Xia said...

Hi i would like Missing you theme song lyrics and Mc Jin Abc lyrics :) Thankyou

Gladys Ang said...

Hi,I would also want the lyrics to 同林 by Raymond lam. Thanks alot for the trouble.

Miranda Askew said...

Linda Chung Missing You Theme Song

Yanki Pranata said...

Hi, Can u help me? I want the lyric Wilber Pan 專屬於你(专属于你) Ty :D

domi said...

@Chris Xia:
Missing You
MC Jin - ABC
@Gladys Ang:
Raymond Lam - 同林
@Miranda Askew:
Missing you
@Yanki Pranata
Wilber pan - 專屬於你