Sunday, 4 September 2011

[Album] Pinyin Lyrics: JPM - Moonwalk 月球漫步

Pinyin lyrics will be posted soon, when done you will be able to click on all the song titles which will lead to the lyrics :)

01. 月球漫步
02. 因為有你
03. 喜歡妳好久_毛弟邱翊橙
04. 平凡的美麗
05. 那不是雪中紅
06. 佔為己有_王子邱勝翊
07. Never Give Up
08. 舞可取代
09. 愛情 Beautiful_小傑廖俊傑
10. 再一次擁有
11. 因為有你(粵語版)

Just a short thoughts post on their new album (after around 2 years!!)

I won't compare JPM and Lollipop-F because to me, they're both from bang bang tang and you can tell how hard they're all trying! JPM have practised very hard to be able to sing and dance together well :) And I'm very pleased with their new album ^__^

When they released the single 月球漫步, I was a bit reluctant to accept the electric-dance style music since I'm not a fan of using autotune >< And moreover, the title sounded like they were trying to copy michael jackson... but after 'studying' the lyrics and watching interviews of them talking about this song, I began to like it more :)

 I love their solo songs ^__^ I think it's great they all got a chance to 'show themselves off' - what i mean by that is, show what they themselves are good at! Being a Mao Di bias I like his the most XD But actually, I think Jay sings the best~~~ 

I have this new appreciation for Jay now, I especially like his rapping part in 那不是雪中紅 ^^ The MV for that song is probably my favourite so far :) The dance is 'pretty' hahaa~~

 Most of all, I'm so happy that they sang a cantonese version for 因為有你 because.. though their cantonese isn't the best~ and cantonese songs are more choppy than mandarin ones.. but being cantonese myself and seeing less and less people singing in the language saddens me. To hear a boyband from Taiwan singing in a language they don't actually speak~~ ^__^

Also worth mentioning is that all the members wrote lyrics to various songs on the album ^^ I think Wang Zi wrote the most :)

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