Tuesday, 12 June 2012

[Challenge] Day 16 of 26

Favourite album of all time?

Without doubt, my favourite album is 'Love Hero 愛&英雄' by Alien Huang 黃鴻升 ^-^ Released in December 2009, I still listen to it frequently over two years later in 2012 and I can't say that about any other album I've listened to.. :)

The songs all have a distinctive rock feel to them (different to his more recent ballad style music) and just seem really.. 小鬼-like ^^ (bias seeping out XD). I used to like '搞砸了' and ‘我不想長生不老’ most, but I think I like ‘為自己’ more now ^^ The only song I tend to skip is '懶得理你'.. :/

Track List:
1) 玩具槍與玫瑰 Toy Guns N' Roses
2) 搞砸了 Ruined
3) 我不要長生不老 I Don't Want to Live Forever
4) 沒人愛俱樂部 Loveless Club
5) 為自己 For Myself
6) 懶得理你 Not Bothered With You
7) 地球上最浪漫的一首歌 The Most Romantic Song on Earth
8) 總冠軍 Final Champion
9) 不要就拉倒 Don't Want it, Leave it.
11) 不屑 Disdain

I think I said most of the stuff I need to say about Xiao Gui in this [link] post :)

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