Tuesday, 29 May 2012

[Challenge] Day 2 & 3 of 26

Your favourite male artist?
Favourite song from favourite male artist?
I thought these two might as well go together.. :)

Alien Huang 黃鴻升 a.k.a. 小鬼 ~ a bit of information.
Born on 28/11/83. He was part of Cosmo 丸子 with 綠茶 and JR and released an album that was popular at the time. He then went on to hosting 娛樂百分百 with Show Luo and they are still hosting together on the show, now with 蝴蝶姐姐. Aside from singing with guests on his show, he had a duet with Genie Chuo called '愛的主旋律'. In 2008, he released his first solo single '鬼混' and has gone on to release 3EPs, 2 full albums with a MV filmed for every song. He has also published several books with his own drawings in, and has opened his own fashion store in Taipei called AES.

Most of his songs are rock (in chinese song terms), but his more recent songs are generally gentler. My favourite song of all would be.. hmm.. actually, I'm not sure since I love all of the songs, except maybe '懶得理你' .____. I think maybe '不屑' since it's suitable for a wider range of people and emotions, and something for easy listening ^^

Another of my favourites would be '為自己' which always motivates me when I'm feeling down, and I also really like ’六十億分之一' from his 2011 album ^^ A bit of trivia about that song, it was first recorded as '六十億' but had to be recorded with the lyrics '七十億' when the population of the world reached 7 billion late last year; however in the repackaged albums, the original version was used again instead as a respect to the original lyricist/producer of the song.

You can visit his official youtube channel [Link] to listen to his new and old songs (they've actually put his old songs from Cosmo on there too if you're interested XD)

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