Saturday, 16 June 2012

[Challenge] Day 20 of 26

An album you never get tired of?

Erm.. I probably should've put 'Love Hero' here? But another album I can still listen to is 'Loving You More and More 越來越愛' by Fahrenheit :) Released in January 2009.

Track List:

01) 動脈 (偶像劇[霹靂MIT]片頭曲)
02) 越來越愛
03) 寂寞暴走
04) 恆星 (偶像劇[翻滾吧!蛋炒飯]片頭曲)
05) 默默
06) 最佳聽眾
07) 留下來
08) 孤單摩天輪
09) 雨是眼淚
10) 你應該被珍惜

I think I still know every song off by heart, all the lyrics and everything :) I can probably tell you who sings each line as well XD That's how much I like this album ^^ My favourite song would be.. 默默, but closely followed by 動脈 because I'm an MIT fan ;D Asdfghj.. I don't know what else to say about this album, but erm.. if you haven't listened to it before, give it a try? (Not everyone like 'boybands' but.. yeah, just a warning!)

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