Monday, 28 May 2012

[Challenge] 26 Day CPop Challenge

~full credits to taiwanesefanatic

So I decided to try challenge out.. might not be free to post every day, but hopefully I'll have something scheduled ^^ To view all my posts relating to the challenge [Link].

Day 1: Which artist got you into cpop?
Day 2: Your favourite male artist?
Day 3: Favourite song from favourite male artist?
Day 4: Your favourite female artist?
Day 5: Favourite song from favourite female artist?
Day 6: Favourite girl group?
Day 7: Favourite song from favourite girl group?
Day 8: Favourite boyband?
Day 9: Favourite song from favourite boyband?
Day 10: Favourite new comer?
Day 11: Favourite song from favourite new comer?
Day 12: Favourite song from drama or movie?
Day 13: Least favourite male artist?
Day 14: Least favourite female artist?
Day 15: Your favourite genre of music?
Day 16: Favourite album of all time?
Day 17: Favourite album this year?
Day 18: Favourite singer/songwriter?
Day 19: Favourite song from favourite singer/songwriter?
Day 20: An album you never get tired of?
Day 21: A song you never get tired of?
Day 22: A song that makes you cry (sad)?
Day 23: A song that makes you happy?
Day 24: A recent artist you discovered?
Day 25: Favourite cpop MV?
Day 26: Favourite Cpop duet?

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