Friday, 13 July 2012

[Variety] 100% Entertainment ~ 鬼蝶

Recently, 小豬's been absent in a lot of 100% Entertainment episodes, and a lot of people are complaining about it. I know it's sad not to be seeing him as often, but he's becoming more and more popular, so will become more busy, especially since he's recently been promoting in Japan! But I find it slightly annoying when, while complaining about missing Show, some fans also attack 蝴蝶 and 小鬼 for no apparent reason. Just because the person you want to watch isn't there, does not give you the right to bad mouth the other hosts >< I don't want some people in the fandoms causing everyone else to hate the artists either =_=

But yeah, so recently Alien and Butterfly have been hosting and although they've been schoolmates and have been hosting together for a while now.. I've never really seen them as anything closer than a brother-sister-relationship? Except...

This scene was too cute for words >< They're playing a game of angry birds, where the targets are the opposing team's heads, and Butterfly is trying to hit Alien.. but misses.. and then she runs up to him and sit opposite him, face to face XD

And again in this game, where the players are blindfolded and have to guess where the other person is after hearing them say 'I'm here', before hitting them on the head with a fan. Alien has a habit of leaning really close to the opposition when he speaks, and so Kid takes advantage of this, and sticks his head forward while Alien is leaning forward and they accidentally kiss XD When Alien takes his blindfold off, he thinks it was Butterfly.. and is shocked to learn it wasn't hahaa :P His reactions are so cute when he looked embarrassed ^^ Then afterwards he adds '我還想說親到蝴蝶還蠻好的' ;D

I'd like to finish off saying I'm still a strong 升琳 (Alien + Rainie) fan ^^ And that I believe that 豬蝶 will one day be together :D And that Rainie and Show together are pretty cute too.. Arghh.. I love all 4 of them XD

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