Monday, 4 June 2012

[Challenge] Day 8 & 9 of 26

Favourite boyband?
Favouriite song from favourite boyband?

I have two favourite cpop boybands ^_^ Fahrenheit and JPM; not that I don't like Lollipop F, because they're awesome, but my bias is Maodi XD

Fahrenheit (Aaron, Calvin, Chun, Jiro)
I like their earlier music a lot when I was younger, and I would recommend their album 'Loving You More and More 越來越愛' :) I don't like 'Super Hot' and 'Mr. Perfect' that much.. but I still support them :D Most of them have their own solo careers now and Aaron released his first solo EP last year! Erm.. I could talk about them for ages XD

Favourite song would be 心疼你的心疼 ^-^

JPM (Jay, Prince, Maodi)
Jay and Prince were previously part of Lollipop, but due to contracts they formed JPM with Maodi at the start of 2010 (I think?) They're pretty new, but I really like all of their songs! And they're talented in singing and dancing ^__^ Looking forward to their new album release in the summer.

Favourite song would be 那不是雪中紅, and I included their dance video :D

That's all for now.. I don't really like HK boybands much.. or maybe there aren't many/any at the moment? There's 'Blue Bird Flying Fish' from Mainland if anyone else is interested and they're quite good :D (I feel my music taste is quite biased towards Taiwan ><)

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