Sunday, 17 June 2012

[Challenge] Day 21 of 26

A song you never get tired of?

曖昧 (Ai Mei) Ambiguity by Rainie Yang 楊丞琳

The lyrics talk about the ambiguity when it comes to love, how it can lead to misunderstandings if you put too much into a relationship, or too little.

I first heard this song on a chinese radio in the car, and I really liked the melody of the song, but never thought to search it online (I was about 10 XD).. a year or two later I listened to the song a lot, but never really understood the meaning to the lyrics... I think one reason I really like this song is listening to it really shows how much I've grown in the past years ><

But back to 'never getting tired of' the song.. I think it's the melody.. it's really light, and doesn't require much to get into the music :) I think it'll be a song I'll still be listening to (albeit less) in another 5-10 years time.

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