Saturday, 18 June 2011

Why do Koreans often sing better than other asians?

-in comparison to famous singers from Taiwan or Hong Kong

Not saying every korean is better than the chinese, because they're not :)

Maybe i should put it as, why do people like korean singers and bands more than other asian bands and singers.

Because they get trained before they debut. As far as I know, they get recruited when they're quite young and then they turn into trainees of the company and get taught various skills before they officially debut as a singer or a group.

I just feel.. that it's unfair of people to always compare 'Oh, XXX korean group is much better than XXX group from taiwan because they can dance so much better' So what? Some people can dance better than others, and if you've been trained to go into this career to do dancing, you're likely to do better than someone who set their mind on singing but whose company wanted to do a one-off dance in an MV

On another note, I really dislike how HK fans blow whistles and shout their artists name all throughout their songs and sing even louder than them in events ¬_¬

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