Friday, 10 June 2011

Ghetto Justice 怒火街頭 - thoughts


Casting: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sam Lee, Lam Chi Sin, Joyce Tang, Sharon Chan, Shek Sau, Eddie Kwan

Executive Producer: Tong Kei Ming  Scriptwriter: Lau Choi Wan   Chan Kam Ling

LAW LIK-AH (Kevin Cheng) used to fight for personal fame and gain in the law field. After setting up a Legal Advice Centre with his cousin GEORGE MIKE JR. (Lam Chi Sin) and his good friend TING KA-FU (Sam Lee) in Sham Shui Po, LIK-AH changes his mind and realizes that law is not a privilege of the rich. By helping the grassroots to fight against injustice with unconventional tactics, LIK-AH becomes the People’s Hero of Sham Shui Po. Also working as a barrister, WONG SZ-FU (Myolie Wu) used to admire LIK-AH for his invincible performance in the field but she starts to look down upon him for he has been reduced to a ghetto lawyer. However, after a few court cases with him, the two start to appreciate and fall in love with each other. Trying to become one the elite practitioners in town, SZ-FU seizes every chance to get close to the renowned barrister TSEUNG PAK-KEI (Shek Sau). PAK-KEI enjoys playing tricks with law and SZ-FU is accidentally embroiled in a lawsuit because of him. In order to save SZ-FU, LIK-AH tries to challenge the law…

thoughts so far;

Yay, another law series ^o^ I’m quite the fan of the TVB dramas to do with law and police :D It’s nice of them to have smaller cases now instead of focusing on just the really big ones! After watching 6 episodes of this so far, I’ve realised that the summary (from tvb english site) doesn’t mention in detail any of Lik-Ah’s friends which are getting the majority of the screen-time atm. Interested to see what happens in episode 7 where (as the preview suggests) part of Lik-Ah’s ugly past is revealed ;D

Have Kevin and Myolie ever been paired up together in a drama before? I don’t recall seeing them together? Well, I think they’re going to be pretty interesting from the photos of the forced (?) kiss in the theme video XD

The first week ratings for this was 28, but really, i think this deserves more? I mean, it’s obviously not the best of the best in terms of tvb’s series but it’s better than a 28 :/  Hoping the ratings pass 30 for this week ;P

P.s. I like Kevin wearing his dodgy clothing better than his lawyer suit :D He looks more handsome that way and I don’t even know why hahaa XD

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