Monday, 19 April 2010


WEHHHH, last update was august >____< Pika is absolutely the laziest girl I've ever known in my life pwahaha.

Even worse. I've just realised that post in august wasn't even Pika, but was me KEKEKE. Her last update was in march 09 O______O

EHH, she's gonna punch me the next time she sees me for writing this T___T Petition anybody XD (joking haha)

Just to say:

PLEASE go ask urgent messages on Domi's blog and tag there if you really need help because I saw some random requests on the tagboard here but I never check here (well, once every 3 months or something...) so therefore nothing will be answered. Just a warning. OKAY?

I'm sorry for using virtual shouting language at you guys, because you're all really lovely (actually, I have no ideaaaaaa about that XD)

Oh, and I thank all the people who left comments on some of the entries (unfortunately, Pika hasn't read them, and I've only just seen them - but from now on, i'm getting emailed them, so heyyyyy, i'll recieve them and say hi XDD)


I think you all got bored there. I'm kinda well-known for spamming my own tagboard and spamming my own blog, so heyyyy, this is me people XD