Thursday, 16 April 2009

Update :::

This is Dominique - pika's cousin - and I'm gonna tell you why she's not been updating.

Well. Her mum has banned her from going on the net for usage other than school work, this is mainly because her grades have been dropping. So until they get back up again, she's not allowed to come back. I don't think. Also banned from watching chinese series.

For now. I'm in charge. (; teehee. (well, not really...)

I'll try and answer her tags for her apart from the private ones. But I probably won't post anything, just try to keep this up to date.

To 吳孑賢: Versions by Ariel and Linda are just as good in their own way. I think.

To jy: No, sorry. At least I don't think she has anymore. But look below. (:
Episode 11 Sendspace --credit to AsianEU-- Episode 11 Megaupload
Episode 12 Sendspace --credit to AsianEU-- Episode 12 Megaupload

Dominique signing off.