Wednesday, 8 October 2008

School and things...

Its VERY annoying. Since ive been back to school i have been LOADED with homework and can't seem to have more than 1 hour free time..i can't get to sleep at night until i've been in the bed for another hour so i can't wake up in the morning :( school just makes me so depressed :(

Another thing...sorry about not updating a lot..and i guess i wont much any more until half-term or something, so unless im in a very happy mood to post something, or anyone makes a request im afraid you won't see much of me anymore.

The gem of life is coming out soon!! YAY ive been waiting for this series for a long time...wondering how linda will portray her 'bad girl' character..apparently its a triangle relationship with moses and bosco?!?! im confused now cuz i thought moses was with gigi... :S

Im also watching the four...its quite good. I love all the characters..not really :P the evil ones like 'ling lok sek' and his son 'ling siu gwat', and obviously the evil person who is evil but is by the kings side. Wish there s more to rons character..he hasnt shown much yet. YAY sammul :D i am a huge sammul fan since..errr since i watched when rules turn loose when i was 9 or 10 :D hes so funny in this series, but i think that there is still more to him as well. Raymond :D 'mo ching' the character is just so calm and cool for seems like he doesnt really care but he actually does, deep inside. He just doesnt want to show it. Kenneth..very cliched character :P but portrayed quite well :D looking forward to seeing more of the 'couples' scenes. especially ray and kate, and selena and kenneth :D

OH yh...its my birhtday on the 10th which is this coming friday :D 2 more days and im gonna be 14 :D but im not too happy because the more i grow up the more responsibilities i will have..i just want a free and nothing to worry about life...


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