Sunday, 3 August 2008

linda chung - 二人世界 MV

YAY!!! Linda's new song for her new album!! :D

credits to changegoldsongsx@youtube

OMG linda has improved sosososososo much!! lols.
her singing is VERY good...she has gotten further than others like bernice, myolie, tavia...though they would probably be able to do this if they were given the chance!!

hmmm...i just remembered something...leila also has an album :P haha. it has nothing to do with this(ish) lol.

linda looks kinda cute dancing to the song:D ok..maybe not just kinda cute...VERY cute. haha!! :P

if anyone myolie going to hav an album release as well...??? coz i think there was some news earlier in the year...about march or something..?? that said that myolie, linda and kate might hav albums...cant remember what it said exactly though...

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