Thursday, 19 June 2008

Speech Of Silence synopsis

Kate Tsui 徐子珊
Kenneth Ma 马国明
Stephen Huynh 黄长兴
Claire Yiu 姚子羚
Anne Heung 向海岚
Kingdom Yuen 苑琼丹
Ben Wong 黄智贤
Lai Lok Yi 黎诺懿
Elaine Yiu 姚嘉妮
Lau Dan 刘丹
Yu Yeung 李雨阳
Lau Kong 刘江
Mimi Lo 罗敏庄
Cheung Yik 张翼

Taste the bittersweet, breathe the love.
Read my mind between silence and sound.

TONG TONG (Tsui Tsz Shan) loses part of her hearing in an accident but she has a positive attitude towards life and she knows how to take good care of others. With the support of her mentor KO MING (Yue Yeung), TONG becomes a voice over talent by utilizing her lip reading ability and she meets another voice talent LEUNG KAI YIN (Ma Kwok Ming) who also has keen interest in the industry. YIN is fond of the leading voice actress YUEN SIU NA (Claire Yiu) and he asks TONG to be his matchmaker. TONG suffers from a lack of confidence to exhibit her love to YIN so she prefers to help achieve his wish.

YIN and TONG soon become the famous couple of the industry and their career grows swiftly. However, TONG's younger sister CHAI KA YEE (Yiu Tze Ling) suddenly commits suicide after losing her love. In order to rescue YEE, TONG loses her hearing completely. YEE is deeply ashamed for causing the tragedy and CHEUNG YAU (Lai Lok Yi) consoles her whole-heartedly. After the trauma, TONG abandons herself completely and she hides away from everybody including YIN. During the time, MING's voice over team suddenly breaks up and YIN is the only person staying behind. MING is helpless and he urges TONG to return.

as ive said i shouldnt be on the PC but since i was doing hwk...ive taken 30mins to 1hr for TVB time =] teacher wont know...HOPEFULLY =P

oh...and i am looking forward to seeing a god performance from kenneth and kate. =] kate looks pretty. maybe coz she has long hair??? her short hair doesnt look as good?? i think the longer hair makes her face stnd out more, in a way? =]

hmm...i think i will make a banner for this before my trial runs out =] using random things...if anyone is making screen caps for this...i might ask if i can use them...or more probably where the event took place so i can screen cap it myself. =] i find myself in a weird position where my hobbies are now staying in a certain area, rather than changing all the time like it used to. Its now always (usually) based on TVB, apart from some things at skl...or whatever =]

bubbies...i shouldnt be writing this much, that isnt even anything to do abt 'speech of silence' anyways...ahh too much time on the pc gotta go ...i mean rely =P dont want to tho??? lols


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