Saturday, 10 May 2008

2007 & 2008 - the years of return???

i've just been thinking...recently there have been a lot of TVB's artists returning.


Elliot Yue - Brink of law

Joey Leung (doesn't really count...but hasnt played a significant role for ages) - Heavenly in-laws

Yuen Biao - the ultimate crime fighter

Louise Lee sze ki - heart of greed, the gem of life

Susanna Kwan (guess it was 2006 for her) - Glittering days, heart of greed

Esther Kwan (ahh...but i think she is leaving again coz she wants to have another child?) - best selling secrets

Carlo Chin kar lok (he doesnt really count since he does game shows...and he was in the acadamy in 2005...but he is returning to do series...:P) - on the first beat, and maybe the upcoming 'the acadamy full throttle'?

Dominic lam (doesnt count coz he actually came back in 2006...but i thought id mention him anyway since he starred in two anniversary series in 2007) - the ultimate crime fighter, men dont cry

couldnt find a picture of him...

2008 - so far

Vincent zhao (doesnt really count...but it is his first series with TVB) - the master of tai chi

Margie Tsang - D.I.E, also the upcoming 'when a dog loves a cat'

Kent Cheng - a journey called life, the legendary ren jie, and has started filming a new series with no confirmed name.

Idy Chan - catch me now

i added a few people who dont really count...but in some way are related to returning...if i missed out anyone please tell me =]]

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