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Forensic Heroes II

----this is my first post about something properly, and not just download links...

It is going to be about.......drum roll please somebody!
Forensic Heroes II!!! A.K.A. 法證先鋒II.

It is officially going to be released on the 19th of May 2008!!! I am sooooo excited!! I have been waiting for this sequel since...ummm...when i finished FH. FH was a very good series, i thought, and the characters were acted out well...loved the funny scenes! The cases were also very interesting!! I am also anticipating this series because it is one of the only sequels that are carried on from the prequel!! And ones like 'The Acadamy' and 'on the first beat' have a huge change of artistes...and now 'the acadamy III' is having a whole cast change as well...i think that is just plain dum. They should keep the original cast...and just develop their characters, and add a few more new people!!!

OK. Take a BIG breath. :O And lets carry on. ;) Hope you're not put off by the big paragraphs. :)

hmmm...was this filmed before TVB's 40th anniversary, and after the 39th??? because if you notice, charmaine and kevin are both in this series, and they both won best leading actor, and actress!! Is this just a coincidence???

Whole cast list:
Main cast:
* Bobby Au-Yeung as Ko Yin Bok 高彥博 (Timothy)
* Charmaine Sheh as Ma Kwok Ying 馬幗英 (Belle)
* Kevin Cheng as Yeung Yat Sing 楊逸升 (Ivan)
* Frankie Lam as Koo Chak Sum 古澤琛 (Sam)
* YoYo Mung as Leung Siu Yau 梁小柔 (Nicole)
* Astrid Chan as Lam Pui Pui 林沛沛
* Shirley Yeung as Kwok Hiu Lam 郭曉琳 (Sharon)
* Raymond Cho as Shum Hung 沈雄
* Florence Kwok as Mok Suk Nuen 莫淑媛 (Yvonne)
* Matthew Ko as Mok Jing Hong 莫正康 (Eric)
* Vivien Yeo as Ling Sum Yi 凌心怡 (Josie)
* Oscar Leung as Ching Wai Sing 程偉勝 (Edwin)
* Fred Cheng as Leung Siu Kong 梁小剛 (Fred)
* Kara Hui as Cheng Lai Ling 鄭麗玲

Guest stars:
* Linda Chung as Lam Ding Ding 林汀汀
* Chris Lai as Li Zee Wai 李志偉
* Stephen Huynh as Ma Kwok Wun 馬國宏
* Selena Li
* Shermon Tang as Fong Lay Lum 方莉霖 (Linda)
* Charles Szeto as Li Zhung Seung 李忠信
* Eddie Lee as Lau Jeung Sek 劉俊碩 (Terence)
* Leanne Li as Ngai Hoi Ah 魏凱雅
* Otto Chan as Cho Hoa Ting 曹皓霆 (Isaac)
* Chen Mei Si (陳美詩) as Fong Miu Na 方妙娜 (Formula)
* Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) as Cheuk Gwun Wing 卓鈞榮 (Anson)
* Lee Sing Cheung (李成昌) as Dai Guei 戴貴
* Savio Tsang as Hui Lap Yun 許立仁 (Matt)
* Yu Yang (于洋) as Leung Hing Nong 梁興隆
* Sharon Luk (陸詩韻) as Ng See Ying 吳詩瑩 (Yuki)

extra info:
* Linda will appear in six episodes only due to her hectic schedule filming The Gem of Life.
* Selena will be in the last five episodes, playing a strong minded business woman.
* Shirley will be a singer
* Charmaine's character name is Belle Ma Kwok Ying and will be playing a Narcotics Bureau Senior Inspector
* Kevin Cheng will be playing a Bomb Disposal Officer

credits to wikipedia!!

I cant believe they shrank linda's role just because she was busy filming!!!
HAHA i dont even know what a narcotics bureau senior inspector is! must be 'important' lol :p Kevin playing a bomb disposal officer will be good!! It will be life threatening...but probably predictable...

...if i get this right, then TVB's plots are waaayyy too easy to guess!!...hmm...i think that Kevin's character will fall in love with someone (charmaine???), then he will be in danger (bomb explodes), his lover will be sad...and tries to help him...she gets hurt more than be continued...:D

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