27th June 2012
Dear Readers,

So you're interested enough to click on this link? Thanks ^^

I assume you've either come here in search of Canto-pinyin lyrics, or google has told you've I've written a random review on a drama.. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what I post on here? I guess it's a collection of my favourite songs and random thoughts on recent dramas I've been watching (mainly old-school TVB dramas because the recent ones have been going on a downhill curve, and some Taiwanese dramas too).

A little bit about me.. 
  • I'm a BBC living in London, currently studying for my A-Levels. 
  • My biases include: Aaron Yan, Alien Huang, Maodi, Him Law, Sammul Chan (mainly the first three though)
  • My favourite singers are Fish Leong, Kimberley, G.E.M, KatnCandix2, Evan Yo,
  • My favourite actors are Dayo Wong, Alien Huang, Mandy Wong.. 
  • My favourite tvb dramas would be To Catch The Uncatchable, Heart of Greed, Catch Me Now
  • My favourite taiwanese dramas are Pi Li MIT, Autumn's Concerto, Black and White
  • Ultimate OTPs are 鬼蝶 (Alien & Butterfly), 鬼綸 (GuiGui & Aaron), Him&Mandy.. 
If you have any personal questions to ask, anything of importance you want to know quickly, or if you just want to talk, please feel free to email me [here] and I'll be happy to reply to you as soon as I can.

Many thanks for supporting this blog,
Domi x

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