Sunday, 12 August 2012

[Music] Hong Kong Music ~

So Z requested a post on active Cantonese singers and their songs, but since I actually haven't been listening to much HK music I've had to do some research on this.. In the process I've found some really nice songs that I'll probably continue to listen to from now, and renewed my interest in artists that have been singing for a long time. But anyway, Stephy Tang is still as out of tune as ever, but I still love her songs (no live singing though please :P).. And what's happened to Raymond?

Joey Yung 容祖兒 
Having been in the industry since before 1999, she's released 26 albums so far! I remember listening to her a lot when I was younger and a lot of her songs are still 經典 (and plus '連續劇' the theme for The Hippocratic Crush is possibly one of the best TVB theme songs to date) ~ so on my search, some of her more recent songs that I liked are 蜉蝣正好 and 花千樹.

Fiona Sit 薛凱琪
Haven't really listened to her songs before, but I always thought she had more ballad-style songs such as 給十年後的我..If you like upbeat songs, generally with a more western-feel to them, her most recent songs will suit your taste; such as 'All You Need Is Me' and '9:55pm'.

Pakho 周柏豪
I used to loveeee his music :) Just haven't been following him much.. My favourite songs would be 想太多、夠鐘 and 六天; I really like listening to 哦 and 一拖再拖..^^ Of his recent songs I really like 天光、拿愛情給我 and 錯配. Oh, and he's composed, written the lyrics to and edited his own songs (not all, but quite a lot of them) ^__^

Eason Chan 陳奕迅
Everyone knows his singing is awesome.. but I've never really listened to his songs? I mean, of course I've listened to a lot of them, but I only seem to know names of a few? Anyhow, he's a 華歌歌王 :) Of his old stuff, I like 好久不見、淘汰 and 單車. Of his newer stuff, I really like 苦瓜.

Hins Cheung 張敬軒
I really love his voice ^-^ My favourite songs of his are 'My Way', 斷點, 櫻花樹下, and 'Yes & No (Summer version)' ~ Of his newer songs 只是太愛你, and P.S. I Love You sound really nice..

Leo Ku 古巨基

Shiga 連詩雅
I'm not sure if she's really that active, but the songs that she has are all really nice. I recommend 到此為止、愛太好看 and 灰伯爵的忌廉遐想.

Alfred Hui 許廷鏗

等一個他, Where Did You Go, A.I.N.Y, One Button, Good To Be Bad, What Have You Done, Someday I'll Fly, 奇蹟

Dear Jane
HK doesn't have many groups never mind bands, and this seems to be one of the very few they have~ They consist of Tim Wong - Lead Vocalist, Howie Yung - Bassist/Supporting Vocalist, Adam Diaz - Guitarist/Supporting Vocalist and Jackal Ng - Drummer. I'm still really new to them, but at the moment I'm enjoying: Goodbye, Rising Star and .

C Allstar
They're a group that consists of 4 members 陳健安(On仔),梁釗峰(Andy),吳崇銘(King),何建曦(Jase). I like their lyrics and how they're based on life :) Recommended songs: 天梯, 80後時代曲

NB: Soz, I got lazy towards the end of this post and just listed artists and songs >_< Also, there's still many more active artists in HK such as Janice Vidal, Khalil Fong, FAMA, MC Jin, Mag Lam, Tik Dak just to name a few more that I know of ^^