Sunday, 8 July 2012

[Music] 2012 Cpop groups

Recently Taiwan seems to be having a lot of new boybands/girl groups. I'm not very familiar with them apart from seeing them more often in 100% Entertainment ^___^

I've already talked about Roomie before in a previous post, but I think my views on them have changed a bit and I'm beginning to accept their personalities. They're not really that new, and their debut album was released last August (so that's nearly a year now O__o) but I've only noticed them since they've been on variety shows a lot recently~

I think Roomie has a lot more potential to go further than previous girl groups (minus S.H.E) such as Hey Girl and Dream Girls.. hoping they'll bring more love to Taiwan groups :D

Next up, 4ever. I'm not sure whether I like them or not at this moment in time.. I dislike their main song, but I really love the song I've embedded underneath '找你的地圖' and I've waited to see 拿鐵 actually debut with a song for a long time! Missed seeing him since the BBT days~

The other members have their own style, which is pretty awesome, I'm glad they're not going for the 'Korean-boyband-style haircut'/'Pretty face' look XD Looking forward to hearing their full debut album.

Here's a Debut Teaser for Super131, which I haven't searched up much, but they're looking pretty interesting. It seems like they're strong in most things~ I really love people who can play musical instruments, so the whole group playing guitar = bonus!

I've only heard 愛別回頭 by them, but it sounds pretty good :D They look like an average boyband though, so I'm hoping they'll go more into performing with guitars ^^

Apart from new groups, what I'm looking forward to most is JPM's new album, expected to release sometime over the summer holidays ^__^ And another exciting piece of news is the S.H.E will be releasing their 'comeback' album towards the end of this year now that Selina has pretty much fully recovered!

I don't think the Cpop industry is lacking in any talent at all, in fact I think they have a lot more creativity in the lyric writing side of things! Generally most Cpop songs have more slower ballad elements in them compared to the dance styles of Kpop or even Jpop, so maybe that's a reason to why Kpop has managed to become so international while Cpop is.. well.. stuck in mainly asian communities.

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