Saturday, 23 June 2012

[Dramas] Re-watching old dramas!

So I've been re-watching Dayo's drama's again recently which have always been my favourites :D I seem to re-watch them a lot ;P 棟篤神探 (To Catch The Uncatchable) is probably my favourite, closely followed by 男親女愛 (War of Genders) which I'm watching at the moment. 

Here's a scene I from episode 39 ^^ 

Frances tells Lok to 'Stand behind the yellow line' because he's just been accused of peeking at an old women in the public loos so everyone is scared of him. Then the camera pans out, and the line is shown to be right next to the wall, and Lok protests 'If I stand behind the line I'll be in the next room!' XD But he gives in and stands awkwardly against the wall :P

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