Thursday, 28 June 2012

[Dramas] No Good Either Way~ Natalie & Jason

I've been watching 'No Good Either Way' recently and (at the moment) it's higher up on my list than some of the other 2012 TVB dramas I've attempted to watch ^^ And I'm finding I'm really liking the Natalie and Jason pairing :D

The awkward moment when the person you're spying on sees you XD Only this worked to Kin's advantage in the end because her awkwardness meant she randomly sneaked a hug and a kiss claiming 'It's world hug and kiss day' ^_^

Then he returned them when she asked (they were both trying to get rid of Kin's classmate who was being annoyingly clingy lol)~

The motorbike scene was cute >< Hehe :D

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