Tuesday, 26 June 2012

[Dramas] Giving 'Alice' a chance

I've been watching Alice in Wonder City 給愛麗絲的奇蹟 (Previously known in English as Give Alice a Miracle) which I'd classify as another 'deep' drama, unlike the more common Taiwanese rom-coms. In a way, I'm glad Aaron's picking more of these types of dramas to act in, E.g. Death Girl, which I much preferred over Love Buffet, but it also means lower ratings as people don't like this style as much D:

Below are screen-caps for the opening theme of the drama ^^ I've also included some quotes from different episodes which I liked (note, I've only watched up to episode 4 at this point in time) I really really love the filming technique they used because all the scenes look so artistic and pretty :) Especially the scenes filmed in Japan! (Further below are more thoughts..)

陳海傑 (第3集)

藍蝶菲 (第3集)

賀霆宇 (第3集)

賀霆宇 (第4集)

I've been watching this on Sugoideas (which has lots of Taiwanese dramas and variety shows!) and a common opinion in the discussions is that, and I quote this: 'Considering not watching the drama because Lara is ugly and cannot act at all and her voice is annoying.', which I find really rude of everyone. I get that people can all have their own opinions, but I really dislike how people are judging her ability to act on her appearance and her voice >< Personally, I think her looks suit the character and her singing voice is amazing! And plus, it's her first drama.. so let's not expect her to be perfect!

I agree that the drama is moving slowly, but that adds to the mysterious atmosphere of this drama.. however I'm finding I'm watching it becuase of Xiu and Aaron's bromance ;P Oh, and of course the awesome music! Looking forward to seeing how this progresses ^^

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