Sunday, 3 June 2012

[Challenge] Day 6 & 7 of 26

Favourite girl group?
Favourite song from favourite girl group?

S.H.E and there is no question about that! (I'm kinda neutral on Twins.. I like Ah Sa a lot but...?) There aren't really that many boybands or girl groups in cpop.. there were a lot more in the early 2000's, but most have disbanded D: Since Selina's accident, S.H.E has been doing solo activities. Hebe was the first to release her own album with huge success! And Selina released an EP after she recovered! (If you have heard it yet, listen to 愛我的每個人; it's so touching!! Ella has recently released her own EP :) Looking forward to their next album as S.H.E!

Favourite song is 謝謝你的溫柔 which is their duet with Fahrenheit :)

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