Wednesday, 13 June 2012

[Challenge] Day 17 of 26

Favourite album this year?
I included December 2011 since they promote in 2012 anyway :)

Second Round 第二人生 by Mayday 五月天 ^^ released in December 2011, it's themed around 2012 being the end of the world. Another wonderful album by Mayday! I really wanted to go to their UK concert earlier this year in March, but it was during my mock period D:

I love the song 乾杯 ('Cheers') where the lyrics describe the life of a person (and the MV too!) and.. I just really like the lyrics :) One of the songs, 洗衣機 (Washing Machine), surprised me when I read the tracklist because I wouldn't have imagined someone writing a song about a washing machine.. However, the melody is really sweet and catchy.

There are two main versions of this album where the songs are slightly different I think. The song OAOA has different lyrics depending on whether it is the 'No Where 末日' version of the album or the 'Now Here 明日' version... Just have a compare of the tracklist if you're interested -lazy- XD

Track List for 'No Where' version:
01) 2012
02) 倉頡
03) 洗衣機
04) 歪腰
05) 乾杯
06) 我不願讓你一個人
07) 星空
08) 三個傻瓜
09) 末日
10) OAOA (丟掉名字性別)
11) 第二人生
12) 諾亞方舟
13) 有些事現在不做一輩子都不會做了

Other notable albums this year include: JJ Lin's Lost N' Found 學不會, Alien Huang's Break Heart Black Heart 黑心傷品, Kimberley Chen's Debut Album, Show Luo's 9ood Show, Nick Chou's S.N.G.. among others, but yeah.. all my biases are above XD

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