Monday, 11 June 2012

[Challenge] Day 13 - 15 of 26

Least favourite male artist?
Least favourite female artist?
Your favourite genre of music?
I didn't have much to write about these, so they may as well go into one post ^^

I don't think I have any 'least favourite artists'.. Either I've forgotten who they are, or most of the time, there are songs that I dislike >< I could go on about all my least favourite kpop groups but I love cpop too much :P

As a singer, I think Bosco is awful.. his songs sound nice, but his singing O___o At least he knows it and openly admits he hates singing anyway, so yeah he's gone back to acting :)

Hmm.. for the females.. There's this new girl group in Taiwan called 'Roomie' and they're pretty decent? They're being presented as a multi-talented group and you can see their talents, I just don't like their attitude when on 娛百 >< (It's probably 節目效果 but they're really mean to others =_=)

Favourite genre of music would probably be rock/pop ballads XD I like having a mixture of styles, so all music is good as long as the music has: a nice melody, a nice voice, and meaningful lyrics ^^ A lot of songs I listen to come from drama OSTs though :)

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