Wednesday, 6 June 2012

[Challenge] Day 10 & 11 of 26

Favourite newcomer?
Favourite song from favourite newcomer?

Kimberley Chen
She has such an amazing voice! Originally from Australia and at only 17 this year, she release her first full album recently! I think she has such great potential (like G.E.M.) as she has so many talents; being trained at a young age in musical instruments by her grandma and learning dance as well. I've watched her performances in 娛百 and .. no-one compares ><  (I mean.. within the newbie area of course, 'cos surely you can't compare her to someone with years of experience in the industry?)

My favourite song is '愛你' as you've probably noticed from the recent change in banner :D I also like her song 'Never Change' which she wrote herself ^0^. Also.. you should try listening to 星際旅行 where she duets with famous singer Dai AiLing!

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