Friday, 1 June 2012

[Challenge] Day 4 & 5 of 26

Your favourite female artist?
Favourite song from favourite female artist?
I thought these two might as well go together too.. ^^ And I'm going to put down two artistes in this category because they're both my favourites!

Rainie Yang 楊丞琳
I liked listening to her first songs (such as 曖昧 and 理想情人) but I felt most of them were too.. 'bubble pop' for me? So I stopped listening to her music for a while, or well.. what I mean to say I didn't really follow her much for a while. Then I watched 'Hi, My Sweetheart' with 寶珠姐 and 達浪; and loved all the background songs! Most of the background songs used were from her Rainie & Love...? album, one of my favourites from that album would be '匿名的好友'.

My favourite song from Rainie would probably be '仰望'

Her most recent album has a more mature feel to it, even listening to her voice you can hear the change from her earlier singing style. Looking forward to her next album :)

G.E.M 鄧紫棋
When most people have moved away from Cantonese music because the music just doesn't meet up to 'standards' set by other Asian countries such as Korea. But G.E.M is spectacular~ I just think she brings so much energy back to Hong Kong music ^^ (Not that there aren't other good singers, but many can't do live well enough yet and need a bit more practise..) She released her first album at 17! I really like how it feels really easy to get along with G.E.M because of her personality, and her constant video blogging (especially in her earlier days).

My favourite song from G.E.M would be 'Where Did You Go'

I think no matter how many time I listen to this song, it'll still be just as good as it ever was. G.E.M is releasing a new album next month which includes 'Someday I'll Fly' one of my favourite of her new songs :)

Who are your favourite singers? If you have any that is... ^^

[It's weird how this site has transformed from a TVB appreciation site, to a site about dramas, to a lyrics site.. XD]

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