Monday, 28 May 2012

[Challenge] Day 1 of 26

Which artist got you into cpop?

I'm not including TVB songs in this but TVB themesongs introduced me into Chinese music to begin with. Teresa Teng should be here too since I've listened to her since I was born (pretty much), but the question asks who 'got me into' cpop, so here goes...

I think for Hong Kong music it'd be Niki Chow 周麗淇.. I listened to a bit of Twins beforehand but wasn't really into Chinese music until I heard Niki's songs such as '迎接失戀', '可惜他有女朋友', and her duet with Kevin Cheng '請講'. One of my favourites is ‘螢火蟲' (see video below)

For Taiwan music, I think it has to be Fish Leong 梁靜茹. I came across one of her songs (可惜不是你) in a fanvideo on youtube and immediately decided to search her up. I really love her voice and she has been a steady singer since her debut in 1999. My favourite album would be 'J'adore' since I love all the songs in that album. One of my favourites is '會呼吸的痛'

So, which artist got you into listening to cpop?

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