Wednesday, 19 October 2011


-to do list will be shown publicly, so you all know what's been requested already since i've had various requests for the same song~~

Replies from 18/09/11 to 18/10/11
omgg, i took a whole month before i checked on my site again >< so sorry... school really has been stressful lately since I've started 6th form college (UK, so google your equivalent if you're not sure what it is) >< Please scroll down and find your name for the relevant reply ^-^

Floating white Ghost ♥: ^o^ I used to, but not anymore D: I really wanna carry on with chinese studies -sigh- no time with work commitments, so just learning through music and tv now haha ;D more fun ;P

Miranda: -replied on blog-

HK Music Notebook: -replied on blog-

p.e: i can't access your blog D: it seems like you've set it on private or invites only...

Kang-lian: :) will be noted & it'll be in my To Do List, will be up by sunday hopefully!

Lily Lee: -replied on blog-

Floating Ghost: thank youuuuu ^__^ i just listen to what's good ;P

IU's little sister: Which songs in particular? They have quite a lot of lyrics in total so if you want ALL of them, it would probably take me a few weeks (since I have school work and all ._.)

Drama-lover: Thanks for visiting :) Hope you continue to enjoy your stays here hehe ^__^ And I'll add that to my to do list :) Hopefully will be up by sunday this week, the album might take longer~! -replied to on blog-

Life's Melodies: Thank youuu ^__^ -replied to on blog-

Love E.U.: You're welcome :)

random person: sure :) I'll add that to my to do list and it'll be done by sunday this week ^^

BubboFee: has already been done!! Please click on link for lyrics to Linda Chung's I don't understand you:

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