Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Updates & Replies

Since there were quite a lot of people who I needed to reply to (without a tagboard/site) so I'll write them all here instead of spamming my tagboard ><

Thanks for all the comments everyone ^^ really encourages me to keep going hehe

Unfortunately those episodes are missing~ hope you'll be able to find them on another site!!

Floating Ghost (1)
Sorry but my translating skills aren't too good... maybe I'll try translating it later but at the moment no translations D:

Thanks :)

Yepp, I've just done that ^__^ Hope you have fun singing hehe~~ Link to song HERE

Request fulfilled ^^ Link to song HERE

Floating Ghost (2)
You're welcome ^__^

Yepp, sure you can repost the lyrics :) The song by Kate is called 半圓 and I've already posted the lyrics up for that~ Link to song HERE And I've done Ray's songs~ so check back on THIS page for them ^^

Thanks :)

You're welcome :) thanks for the support ^^

I've done all his songs now so check back on THIS page for all of them ^_^

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Thanks! Sweet of you to get back to me :D