Sunday, 19 June 2011

點解阿SIR係阿SIR - thoughts

Finally finished watching this series after putting it off for ages (mainly because I got to about episode 23 where Law Sir's attitude towards Carmen was really getting to me >_< I really dislike the way he handled everything, but in a way, i can't say it's his fault since he had his 'mission' and being undercover had to follow the rules that the main police guy told him :/ Some people were unhappy with the ending (that nobody ended up with anybody) but on the contrary, i think it was better than having Law Sir and Miss Ho together and Carmen in a depressed state forever? I wouldn't want those two together anyway... I know, you can't technically be in the wrong in love, but it's not right if they end up together, especially after the way Law Sir treated Carmen. It's like there's 冇天理 =_= It's a bit ironic that Ching Sir suddenly gives up what he likes doing - being in 重案組 and instead joins the children-sector of police or whatever. Apparently wanting to help people in other ways.. and Law Sir quits being a police after he's wanting to be one all these years. Even going through all that undercover work to get to wear a proper police uniform! Something I noticed near the last few episodes

The numbers in Carmen's phone, don't actually have numbers in them, so she has been calling nothingness all this time! Actually, I went back and noticed the same in Law Sir's phone too XD I guess they just didn't want us to know their numbers - they could've blurred it.. nah, they just rather it look like they were calling so they can add the sound affects in later to make editing easy i'm guessing :P

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