Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sammul Chan leaving TVB

Again, my thoughts.

Seriously, I don’t know what all the fuss atm is about anyway, he wants to go and find more jobs in Mainland China, good for him because TVB never gave him much of a chance anyway. He hasn’t been with them for a while officially anyway right? :S

Maybe part of this was because reporters cut off the parts where he thanked TVB and only showed the bad parts about what he was saying (which tbh, was only painful truth)…

In a way, I don’t like weibo and twitter because of the small amount of privacy it offers famous people who use it. They can’t say a single normal thing without it being analysed like it’s out of an English study text or novel or something. >_<

Oh yeah, and TVB decides to rub this thing in more about the actors leaving by making a sequel to Triumph in the Skies (as reported by Apple News – i hate those reporters there ¬¬ but news is news :/)… and then they say something like “oh yeah, we’re looking to use all the original actors" err, yeah right, half of them have left.

Anyway, I support Sammul’s decision to have his freedom :)

I love Schemes of Beauty btw, but I can’t quite motivate myself to finish watching the last 7 episodes because the king (sammul’s character) has just died D: and I don’t particularly enjoy the storyline much anymore.. at least the first evil characters were ‘nice’ :S

Not to mention, Sammul was the only reason I wanted to watch Relic of an Emissary anyway~~ Ma Sam Bo FTW :D

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