Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Sister of Eternal Flower 花花世界花家姐 - thoughts


What is up with these long weird titles recently O__o There was nothing wrong with just calling it 花花世界 was there? I have resorted to just calling it the ‘fa-series’ lol

Just a few of my thoughts about this drama so far~~

I don’t really ‘buy’ the love relationship between 蔣奕 and 珠珠.. I dunno, it’s just so contrary to his original 敗家子 character. Yes, it’s a tvb drama so they’re all going to go through a dramatic change of personality, but it’s just…so weird? Not complaining too much about it though because they’re so cute together :P I’m also wondering about why nobody caught on about his love for her… it was so obvious!? Who else was he with everyday?

For the most part of this series, I’m finding the Mike-Jenny pairing more interesting… the competitiveness between them both in the beginning and the extents they are willing to go to earn respect and to ‘help’ family. But as I am nearing towards the end of this series now, I’m not really liking them any more? I’m seeing that thing in Mike where they think “Oh no, I’m going to die soon because I have cancer, let’s make everybody I love hate me so they’ll hurt less when I die”. Let’s not mention how I’d guess the relationship between Gigi and 花偉聰 when she came out of prison.

This series is a bit of light relief from exams for me, especially some of the interactions between 蔣奕 and 哈爾濱 XD I lol at the 3 bodyguards who follow 皎皎 24/7 standing like statues while she chats to 珠珠 and advises her to lose her memory from a car crash =/

Another thing (goes to all idol-dramas lol)~~ watching stars from a tree-house doesn’t make it any more likely for people to see stars in the sky than it does at home… not to mention the amount of high-rise buildings and flats and whatnots in hong kong. Then there’s all those lights! I can’t see stars from my home where there aren’t too many lights as right in the city I can’t think how they’d be able to see anything =S

Oh, and did I mention how much I detest all those ‘港女’ they seem to show in every drama now >< I’m talking about Kimchi here.. (who names their child after a korean spicy cabbage dish? or whatever kimchi is :S)

But considering how critical I was there, I love knowing the ending of these TVB dramas before midway through them hahaha ;P Usually anyway ;)

I also like how this drama gives people a good message: “don’t overlook people with intellectual disabilities”. Don’t judge by appearances or rumours, judge by knowing the person.

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