Monday, 20 June 2011

Ghetto Justice vs. The Other Truth

The Other Truth (真相) hasn't been aired yet, I was just browsing wikipedia today and noticed it scheduled after Ghetto Justice (怒火街頭).

I was already feeling slightly.. what's the word? gutted? that Ghetto only has 20 episodes whereas Yes Sir Sorry Sir had it's share of a draggy 30 episodes >_< Now I read that The Other Truth has 25.. 真係有D火爆loh =_= I mean, they're both drama series airing at the same time slot, and both talk about lawyers. If anything Ghetto sounded a better plot to me - okay, maybe I'm slightly biased since Myolie is one of my favourites ever since I was 7 :P But so is Tavia... It just feels like they're promoting Tavia's series more these day? There were like.. what.. 2 promotions for Ghetto which goes to show how much tvb loved them ¬¬ But they've got good ratings so YAY we'll be able to see Ghetto Justice 2 ^__^ All the cases for The Other Truth are listed on wikipedia already O__O Way to get people interested -_- Nevertheless, I will be watching this, and I bet it's going to be good :) I'm just unhappy about the episode difference :S Ghetto has so much potential to handle more episodes, I really feel like at episode 15 now, that the series is only half-way through >_<

Though The Other Truth seems a bit more sinister than Ghetto :/ I don't really know what to think about this yet.

On another note, I'm soooo anticipating episode 16 of Ghetto~~ Wong Si Fu moves to the dark side, and Kevin's got himself involved in something bad T^T Why does it now seem like the synopsis is opposite to what is happening? S:

P.S. Kevin does NOT look 41 AT ALL O__O

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