Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ghetto Justice *spoiler* - random finding on youtube...

Click here to see it:
Starts at 9 min 57 seconds

I was just looking through random clips of things about Ghetto Justice when I came across loads of videos of this promotional event. There are quite a few spoilers in it so watch out! At the start of the clip there's some involving the other charaters but I just focused on Wong See Fu and L.A's...

It just sort of got shocked when I saw it lol... I mean, I was expecting some sort of love between them but not some straight out bed/kissing scene O__O I saw it and I thought: This is the '痛腳' that L.A was talking about >< It's gonna get him in a mush :/ I think I was most shocked whent he presenters of the event told themt o react the scene O__O I mean, like Myolie was saying, theres KIDS watching the thing ¬__¬ I don't like how they need to 靠 bed scenes to get ratings up :S This drama is good enough with it's cases already =_= Oh yeah, I heard some people saying this is like a Korean drama? Meh.. whatever XD Anyway, I think Myolie and Kevin are a cute on-screen couple ^^ I love the arguments and the sweetness/not willing to admit they're in love-ness at this stage (episode 13) :P EDIT: I haven't watched burning flame 3 >_< I was on holiday at the time lol but i just realised they were a couple there too? or at least.. ish?

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