Monday, 18 May 2009

Seeds of Hope

Hello. It’s Domi again(: I feel in a mood to update again, but I have nothing better to write about, so I thought I’d write about something I’ve been watching in between my homework and stuff xD

These are from Episode 2 after Nick’s hearing.


Nick’s friends and co-workers organise a party for him at a restaurant/bar to celebrate that he got off with community service for eating drugs [accidental, when someone spiked his drink or similar].


Nick wasn’t really in the mood, and so he left with his then girlfriend Ally.


Nick’s father is telling him off again for not paying enough attention to the company, but he doesn’t really know that Nick doesn’t really want to go into the company and make it big in there.


Nick’s dad makes him speak to this rich customer whilst playing golf, and try to persuade her to borrow money off their company.


Nick heads to community service a bit late, and gets lost on the way.


A little girl, whose family is in trouble [therefore going to the Seed’s of Hope] runs out in front, in attempt to run away from the social worker [Ah Mon].


Ah Mon finds her un-hurt, and is scared for her. This is when Nick first meets Ah Mon, but they don’t know who each other are yet (;


Nick’s car crashes with a taxi, and we later find out that that guy is called Choy suk and is one of the parental carers for the Seed’s of Hope.


They argue, and Choy Suk forces Nick to pay for the so called damage on his taxi even though it was just a scratch xD Nick pays up, because he’s rich, and so he doesn’t care, but to Choy suk who doesn’t have much, he’s amazed! ^^


Nick meets Fa jeh who pretends to be Ah Mon ^^ and forces Nick to do various jobs that he can’t do since he’s never done it before. She tells him he’s late xD

Dominique signing off

Thursday, 7 May 2009

[男親女愛] Done with.

Hello! I thought that it'd be nice to write something on here...(: about something I've been watching!

I have finished watching 男親女愛 [war of genders]!! It's really funny and a way, realistic, however exaggerated some of the parts may be! >.>

The last 5 or 6 episodes [in the 100 eps version!!] Ah Lok and Miss Mo Wai Wai [xD] were so funny, especially Ah Lok! Miss Mo went out with the same phycho guy that she went out with before, that had gone to some mental ward. Ah Lok knew that that guy hadn't changed and was still a bit funny no matter what anybody said, and he followed them. ^_^ Then they [Miss Mo and Ah Lok] were tied up when the guy went funny [this time he was crazy about pillows and not the lipstick] and Ah Lok failed to rescue them [:P] then Ah Lok's girlfriend came to the rescue! [:D] But they [Them two] didn't know, and still thought that guy was there [he was//but kinda knocked out//before that he forced them to kiss otherwise they'd be dead //he might've had a knife//story ended] so they decided to kiss and get it over and done with, when Ah Lok's girlfriend was staring at them.!.!.! lol

They didn't tell anybody about what happened. hahaha but then all they could taste was sweetness [even when eating chillis and lemons and stuff], so they both went to a doctor [seperatly] and the doctor said it was either that something VERY scary happened to them, or it was love. [xD] Then it was really funny because they started going out [after a while] and was trying to hide it by acting normal [like enemies] but even before all that, Ah Lok's girlfriend knew there was something up, and she told everyone..then they got married. The End. [funny] Not the end. The end was when Miss Mo *smacks* Ah Lok across the face for something silly [^-']

Dominique signing off