Friday, 27 February 2009

E.U. – Man&Yau.

As you may know, I’ve started watching this. I’m on episode 10 right now – as of today.

I haven’t put any screen caps or anything to do with tvb series itself recently. So here’s a cute scene I have the need to share to you. ;]


Ah Man (Ron) and Yau Yau (Elaine Kong – is that how you spell her name?) eating dinner at a posh restaurant to celebrate Ah Man getting his job as a police back again.


Both a little bit drunk from the dinner.


Kiss. Awwww, I think they both have feelings for each other…maybe just a little bit?!


After-shock…it doesn’t look it from this picture, but you can see it in the scene when you watch it.


This was before it sunk in what she just did…lol. Cute smileee :D


Unluckily for Ah Man, Kong Sai Hau was there at that exact moment…oh dear.


He’s so sure that there’s something going on between them, and that it’s only because Ah Man wants revenge for him reporting their ‘friendliness’ to the police. But Ah Man is desperately trying to explain himself…


Afterwards, Wu Sir finds Ah Man to ask him to be undercover. Judging by this, it looks like if Ah Man does that, then his friendship with Pak Kiu will be over. =[

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