Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas Elf..

YOU'VE been tag by the NEW YEAR ELF: list 5 things you are proud of this year with its reason and tag 5 people when finished!!! - tagged by Hugo.

Things I am proud of:
  1. I have beaten my cousin to starting a blog :P We had a bet to who was going to have one first..and I won!! But I think she updates more than me :(
  2. I have spent over £100 for christmas presents...I know I shouldn't really be proud of spending that much, but it makes me seem like a christmas fairy giving away so many things!
  3. I've lost weight. LOL. I always wanted to do more exercise and eat less.
  4. Winning the lottery. Ha. I wish! But I won a draw at the summer fete this year at my school! Some hamper thing :( I wanted the first prize of £50 and a cook book set. LOL. I didn't know what to do with the hamper, so I gave it away.
  5. Having more members of my family to love and care for. My lovely baby cousins and their cuteness.
I know...it's so much less descriptive than Hugo's list..but I'm happy with it :d I don't think I fulfilled the reason bit though...
Now the hard bit..to find people to tag...I haven't really been talking to many people recently so it's gonna be hard. :S

I will tag... Inferno, Sugar, Lizzy
, Randomness, tvbmad - My cousin - Last resort...

Gosh, that was hard :P To find the people I mean...LOL.

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