Sunday, 23 November 2008

處處祖藍 - 王祖藍

處處祖藍 - 王祖藍


01 擒擒青
02 豬豬BB Un咕咕
03 單身料理
04 天使低低B
05 成就
06 餅印
07 幪面俠
08 大隻佬
09 美女與野獸
10 夏天的尾巴

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Did anyone else know about his album?? I'm surprised TVB didn't let him do some singing thing (proper singing thing) in their raymond, linda, myolie, bosco and patrick.
I'm hoping for it to come out so i can see how his singing is...
haha, even his songs are comedic!! :P

taster of his song -
豬豬BB Un咕咕

MV of 豬豬BB Un咕咕

taster of his song - 擒擒青

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