Thursday, 20 November 2008

2008 tvb anniversary results

Best Actor: Ha Yu

I thought they were going to give it to raymond, but it was a good thing they gave it to ha yu, he deserved it after all his hard work!

Best Actress: Michelle Yim

Very deserving! but i'd rather she got it for a different role...she didn't stand out too much for me in MR...but her performance is V.good! I heard she went straight to the hospital to visit her boyfriend after she got the award!!

Best Dressed (The Fashion Award): Myolie Wu

I do agree her dress sense is modern and in. But, she just wore clothes so weird on the it looked like a men's suit :P but it wasn't too bad on her, it actually looked pretty. I think there should be a male and female award for this...

Best Supporting Actor: Wayne Lai

YAY!! At last he gets recognition for his hard work!! But i wouldn't mind if the award went to either derek or johnson as well..they all need this award for the outstanding work they have acted this year!

Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung

YAY!! haha, another good award given! much better than if she got most improved since she had it before...

Most Improved Actor: Wong Cho Lam

Probably the one that was most obvious. He's a good comedic actor, and i think he is good at acting overal, though i think ive only seen his comedy. He really has improved...

NB. they should have put fred cheng on this nomination. I would have voted :P

Most Improved Actress: Nancy Wu

Awwww. when she got the award it was sweet, i think she really thought she wouldn't win!! It was deserving, and her most memorable act in the year would be fei fei in silver chamber of sorrows. and it was her that made ga lo lon so touching!!

Favourite female character: Louise Li
Favourite male character: Raymond Lam

Well obviously they would give the awards to them, since they didn't win best actor/actress. and ho ma, is a well liked character. I think ah ho is a nice character, but possibly not the was a bit dull.

Best Series: Moonlight Resonance

Well.. 50 points rating finale. Why wouldn't it be this show?? But Last one standing would have been another good choice.

Popularity Online (or something similar): Raymond Lam

What was this award...just how many people visited their blogs??

No comment on the other awards...
Best TV variety show (or something..): So Good
And another award about a variety show can't remember what its called: And i can't remeber who got the award.

No offence is intended.

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