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niki chow - 越愛越怕追 - lyrics and pinyin



自信過戀愛當作消磨 從沒有掛心太多
ji shun gwoh luen oi dong jok siu moh chung moot yau gwah sum tai doh
被縱慣的我 一句半句不和
bei jung gwan dik ngoh yut gooi boon gooi but woh
隨時樂意再等過個 直到我遇上他之過
chooi si lok yi joi dung gwoh goh jik do ngoh yue seung ta ji gwoh
才發覺愛非砌礎 犯慣錯的我
choy fat gok oi fei chai choh fan gwan choh dik ngoh
只怕會闖禍 虔誠令我怕他驚我
ji pah wooi chong woh gin sing ling ngoh pah ta ging ngoh
*習慣和攝石別離 然而為了這瓷器
jap gwan woh siy sek bit lei yeen yi wai liu jeh gi hei
dit but hei
越太愛他越怕追 說話也不敢多句
yuet tai oi ta yuet pah jooi suet wah yah but gum doh gooi
怕面對他假裝酒醉 胡言亂語其實愛誰
pah min dooi ta gah jong jau jooi wooi yin loon yue kei sut oi sooi
若說愛他便要追 要預了留下難過眼淚
yurk suet oi ta bin yiu jooi yiu yue liu lau ha lan gwoh an looi
jum wan hooi yut ha ji ji joon kup chai sooi
自信過戀愛當作消磨 從沒有掛心太多
ji shun gwoh loon oi dong jok siu moh chung moot yau gwah sum tai doh
被縱慣的我 一句半句不和
bei jung gwan dik ngoh yut gooi boon gooi but woh
隨時樂意再等過個 像降為了他面紅
chooi si lok yi joi dung gwoh goh jeung gong wai liu ta min hung
難以信這非場夢 沒智慧猜中
lan yi shun jeh fei cheung mung moot ji wai chai jung
當女生主動 男孩定會愛這種勇
dong looi sung joo dung lam hai ding wooi oi jeh jung yung

lyrics credit to mm_mic @ N's forum

處處祖藍 - 王祖藍

處處祖藍 - 王祖藍


01 擒擒青
02 豬豬BB Un咕咕
03 單身料理
04 天使低低B
05 成就
06 餅印
07 幪面俠
08 大隻佬
09 美女與野獸
10 夏天的尾巴

info credit to

Did anyone else know about his album?? I'm surprised TVB didn't let him do some singing thing (proper singing thing) in their raymond, linda, myolie, bosco and patrick.
I'm hoping for it to come out so i can see how his singing is...
haha, even his songs are comedic!! :P

taster of his song -
豬豬BB Un咕咕

MV of 豬豬BB Un咕咕

taster of his song - 擒擒青

Thursday, 20 November 2008

2008 tvb anniversary results

Best Actor: Ha Yu

I thought they were going to give it to raymond, but it was a good thing they gave it to ha yu, he deserved it after all his hard work!

Best Actress: Michelle Yim

Very deserving! but i'd rather she got it for a different role...she didn't stand out too much for me in MR...but her performance is V.good! I heard she went straight to the hospital to visit her boyfriend after she got the award!!

Best Dressed (The Fashion Award): Myolie Wu

I do agree her dress sense is modern and in. But, she just wore clothes so weird on the it looked like a men's suit :P but it wasn't too bad on her, it actually looked pretty. I think there should be a male and female award for this...

Best Supporting Actor: Wayne Lai

YAY!! At last he gets recognition for his hard work!! But i wouldn't mind if the award went to either derek or johnson as well..they all need this award for the outstanding work they have acted this year!

Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung

YAY!! haha, another good award given! much better than if she got most improved since she had it before...

Most Improved Actor: Wong Cho Lam

Probably the one that was most obvious. He's a good comedic actor, and i think he is good at acting overal, though i think ive only seen his comedy. He really has improved...

NB. they should have put fred cheng on this nomination. I would have voted :P

Most Improved Actress: Nancy Wu

Awwww. when she got the award it was sweet, i think she really thought she wouldn't win!! It was deserving, and her most memorable act in the year would be fei fei in silver chamber of sorrows. and it was her that made ga lo lon so touching!!

Favourite female character: Louise Li
Favourite male character: Raymond Lam

Well obviously they would give the awards to them, since they didn't win best actor/actress. and ho ma, is a well liked character. I think ah ho is a nice character, but possibly not the was a bit dull.

Best Series: Moonlight Resonance

Well.. 50 points rating finale. Why wouldn't it be this show?? But Last one standing would have been another good choice.

Popularity Online (or something similar): Raymond Lam

What was this award...just how many people visited their blogs??

No comment on the other awards...
Best TV variety show (or something..): So Good
And another award about a variety show can't remember what its called: And i can't remeber who got the award.

No offence is intended.

TVB 41st anniversary gala...

i'm currently watching it..i mean, i'm halfway through it.

what with all the rumours going on about CKN i dont think tvb should pair charmaine and kevin up in the anniversary show..surely it makes things worse?? not that i dont like the's just not the right time...

sorry for all the random disapperances...theres just too much school work, i've just realized that this is the ONLY post i have made in a month, and it isn't even a big one.