Monday, 21 July 2008

我的最愛 - 方力申 - album download

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Alex Fong continues to maintain a high level of popularity in the Hong Kong entertainment scene. Once eager to win Olympic gold for Hong Kong as a swimmer, he now enjoys a steady career as singer, TV host and actor. After 2007's successful album In Your Distant Vicinity, Alex now releases his all-new greatest hits album, which also comes with some new songs. This release features eighteen tracks including the duet song "My Most Loved" (Track 1) with Stephy Tang from the same-titled film that also stars Stephy and Alex in the lead roles. Other songs to look out for on this compilation are "Kindness Will Be Repaid With Kindness" (Track 17), "Generous" (Track 7) and his award-winning hit duet with Stephy Tang Love Is Not All Around (Track 18). The promising new songs "Holding On Until The End" (Track 3) and "Great Song" (Track 4) have also been included on this compilation.

01. 我的最愛 - 方力申 + 鄧麗欣 (New)
02. 認命 (New)
03. 死守 (New)
04. 好歌 (New)
05. 在你遙遠的附近
06. ABC君
07. 大方
08. 自欺欺人 (中原電器廣告歌) - 方力申 + 傅穎
09. 大細心
10. 無雙譜
11. 先苦後甜 (Dessert Version)
12. 好好戀愛
13. 就是這麼愛你
14. 自導自戀 (Motorola E375電視廣告主題曲)
15. 零藉口
16. 隨傳隨到
17. 好心好報
18. 十分.愛 (合唱版)- 方力申+鄧麗欣

info credit to dreamstar@AEU =]

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