Monday, 9 June 2008

burning flame downloads

Wong Hei as Lok Tin Yau, Esther Kwan as Sum Pik Yiu, Louis Koo as Lau Hoi Pak, Chin Ka Lok as Ng Dai Heng, Zheng Geng Gei as Sze Tou But, Jade Leung as Lok Hew Chui, Waise Lee as Lok Hew Fung, Joe Ma as Wong Jun Fatt, Lei San San as Tang Jeng Yuet, Paul Chun as Lok Shun, Timmy Hung as Sei Suk,
Joyce Chen as Ng Mei Lok


Title: 烈火雄心
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Lit Fo Hung Sum / Lie Huo Xiong Xin
English title: Burning Flame
Episodes: 43
Broadcast year: 1998
Opening theme song: 火焰心 by Andy Lau
Insert song: 無出息的漢子 by Andy Lau

Lok Tin Yau has always dreamed of becoming a firefighter. Sum Pik Yiu and Tin Yau are good friends but Tin Yau later falls for Pik Yiu after he helps her. But she has to give her feelings up for him when his childhood friend comes to Hong Kong from Japan. Lok Hew Fung, Lok Tin Yau, and Ng Dai Heng are best friends who join and become firefighters. This drama is about the lives of firefighters and the situations that they deal with everyday.

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ENJOY =D I will also upload BFII!! =]] in preperation to the upcoming BFIII

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Dude said...

Hope this is "Burning Flame I".....and thanks for uploading, I hvae been searching all over for the Original.