Monday, 5 May 2008

Forensic Heroes II

Bobby Au Yeung
Frankie Lam
Charmaine Sheh
Yoyo Mung
Kevin Cheng
Linda Chung (Guest Star)
Matthew Ko

Episodes: 30
Noteable: Replacing Catch Me Now
Release Date: May 19, 2008

Synopsis (Credits: AOD)
Every contact leaves a trace
Every clue serves as a silent witness against crime

Bomb disposal expert Yeung Yat Sing (Kevin Cheng Ka Wing) returns from England to visit relatives and he comes across a grenade case by accident. With his tactful and level-headed approach, Sing is highly appraised by Senior Chemist Ko Yin Pok (Bobby Au-Yeung Chun Wah) and is being invited to join the Forensic Division. In a little while, Sing becomes the division’s rising star. By work, Sing gets back in touch with his long-lost best friend Koo Chak Sam (Frankie Lam Man Lung). Sam serves as a forensic writer and he is going to get married soon.

Accidentally, Sum’s fiancée Lam Ding Ding (Linda Chung Ka Yan) is killed in an explosion and Pok’s police girlfriend Leung Siu Yau (Yoyo Mung Ka Wai) also loses the ability of holding a gun in the incident. Yau’s duties are passed to Ma Kwok Ying (Charmaine Sheh Sze Man) from the Narcotics Bureau. Both Sam and Sing find Ying extremely charming with her smart and unfathomable characteristics in case handling.

Integrating laboratory techniques, logical reasoning, and forensic knowledge, the trio strive to fight against crimes tremendously. As they get to know each other more and more, the entangled triangle of love also starts to hinder their working relationships.

oh...i guess my 'guess' was in the wrong direction...a bit.

It seems that bobby doesnt have much impact on this sequel, and neither do yoyo or linda, so im wondering why they were put in this pic...i know that this isnt the official least i hope not, as it doesnt attract much attention to me.

the plot is similar to the prequels...think about it...'the love triangle' remember the love triangle between bobby, yoyo, and frankie??? ok...maybe frankie&yoyo didnt really love each other and like each other more as friends, but this may be the case for the sequel too, and remember the love triangle between frankie, fred, and linda...??? it was also a happy ending.
-also, why is tvb giving frankie a role that is involved in so many love triangles..., isnt is a bit unrealistic that frankie falls in love with charmaine straight after linda dies...tvb always makes this the case as to introduce new cast members...its just ridiculous.

I was anticipating this series mostly because of yoyo, bobby, frankie, and linda...the original cast. I didnt mind when they were reducing linda's role because i guess it needs to happen, but for the size of bobby's and yoyo's role to be minimized as well??? it's just too much!!!

Maybe they are giving a lot of screen time to frankie just because he does'nt want to work for tvb anymore, and tvb are trying to make him come back??? if he does ill be very happy :D his acting is good.

oh...i have just noticed this...matthew ko??? hmmm...his acting is good for a beginner, and he is good-looking :P But wonder why he is in with the main cast...??? If he is...then where is fred???

still....after all the complaining i have done in these comments, i am still very much anticipating this series :D i have just recently started watching CSI because i felt that i needed some forensicness in me :P I started liking forensics since i watched this last year :) but i dont think i will become one??

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