Saturday, 31 May 2008

In the name of lives

Hong Kong singer Andy Lau sings "The Chinese People" at a quake relief gala in Chengdu on Friday, May 30, 2008.

Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan (center) performs with other singers at a quake relief gala in Chengdu on Friday, May 30, 2008.

Actor Zhang Guoli narrates a story at a quake relief gala in Chengdu on Friday, May 30, 2008.

Actor Chen Daoming narrates a story at a quake relief gala in Chengdu on Friday, May 30, 2008.

Actress Jiang Wenli recites the poem "Don't Cry, My Baby" at a quake relief gala in Chengdu on Friday, May 30, 2008.

Renowned singer Song Zuying sings at a quake relief gala in Chengdu on Friday, May 30, 2008.

Singers from Taiwan sing "Hand in Hand" at a quake relief gala in Chengdu on Friday, May 30, 2008.

Director Feng Xiaogang narrates a story of a headmaster during the earthquake at a quake relief gala in Chengdu on Friday, May 30, 2008.

More than 60 celebrities from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan gathered on friday for an earthquake relief gala in Chengdu, capital of southwestern China's Sichuan Province, to encourage the quake victims.

The website reported that the gala, entitled "In the Name of Lives", was organized by the quake-hit province to show the spirit of the Chinese to the world.

The appearance of 108 People's Liberation Army soldiers onstage was the gala's first highlight. The audience gave them a standing ovation for their quick and unparalled efforts rescuing the injured and homeless.

The heart-warming stories of rescues and relief efforts moved both the narrators themselves and the audience to tears. Singers sang household songs to show their support for quake victims.

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its really amazing if someone can survive for nearly 3 weeks (if i am correct) without food or water!! God is helping us chinese people =] this is why i am wondering why they still try to encourage people if they know that its impossible -- maybe they want hope???
i have recently donated £10 to the earthquake ---- note £10 is a lot to me!!! i don't get any pocket money -- i don't have a job as i am still 13 =]] hehe.

if i was there -- i mean at the place where this 'gala' took place, i'd be crying A LOT =[[ so many sad things happened these past years since 2000...Is God punishing us??? what did we do??how do we stop these things??
^^^^ GLOBAL WARMING!!! I HATE YOU!!!!! gggrrrrrr!!!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

forensic heroes II full themesong =]]

download FHII themesong

lyrics credit to sweety_g
please credit me for the pinyin if reposted =]]

梁漢文 - 遺留 (法證先鋒II 主題曲) (Full Version)


jooy joong shui dam dong dik joo gok
cham mik gwoh yee wat see tai doh
kup fing yeen jong sik doh ho hon
yu wan gok shui jurng bei peen moh
seen sok yu teen mong koi chan fooy yin mok

dut jee lay hoy siu sut gum gok
luw ha ngoi wai hum yik tai doh
dun hoy see yut seng but wong gwoh
shui yoon fong wai nim jurk jui choh
joon joy loy jee
faat gok shui fan miu am chong booy huw doh

yu yurk joy juk pung ji huw yut chit lurk gwoh
luw jurk cheen see dik see sui pin doon ling lok
yoon mut fong chi jeh yurng jing faat may gok
mei miu fan sik kit see geet gwoh

yu yurk joy choot choh jee huw ching ley jooy gwoh
luw ha jook jik kup jooy so gei luk lurng do
mo lun yut joy jum yurng je koi see gok
to bei but choot gaam ding geet gwoh moot choh

FHII episode 1 screencaps =]

FINALLY!!!!! i have found a way to make screen caps!! =] AND finally finished episode 1 =]

click on the pics to enlarge!! =]

hehe, i love this part =D They start off by playing a game of something like paintball.
The forensic team win =D when ding ding was distracting ah sam, ah tim went and got the person =]] lol, sam and ding ding are so sweet =]]

=[[ these are all the people who got injured =[[ or died!! one of them was helping the police...

charmaine comes into the story (in a wedding outfit :P) and takes charge of things...madam leung's group dont like her very much.

The clown's story...not gonna explain it, its just like an ordinary investigation thing i think.

all the clues found at the crime scene. The second last one is most probably the criminal's blood.

madam ma knows more than she is saying???

The scene explained in sunny's post =]] its so sweet how sam does anything and everything to make ding ding happy =D I need to marry someone like that!! =P

lol. i just found this pic kinda kl =P it musta taken ages to get them to put the glasses on at exactly the same time...

UH OH!! looks like madam ma is in some kind of trouble!! They found her fingerprints on the baseball bat...they are going to take her in to ask questions...=O