Monday, 28 April 2008

My First Fanfic =]

The Power Of Love

Raymond Lam -as- 何歡榮 (aka Michael)
Moses Chan -as- 李偉軍 (aka John)
Kevin Cheng -as- 游志穎 (aka Timothy)
Bosco Wong -as- 唐至逸 (aka William)
Bernice Liu -as- 周寶寶 (aka Rachel)
Linda Chung -as- 常在心 (aka Lindsay)
Tavia Yeung -as- 楊欣麗 (aka Stephy)
Niki Chow -as- 卓嘉晶 (aka Niki)
Myolie Wu -as- 黃晴美 (aka Nancy)

Leila Tong -as- 康淩淩(aka Ella)
Natalie Tong -as- 沈汀汀 (aka Lauren)
Ron Ng -as- 蘇俊文 (aka Matt)
Sammmul Chan -as- 郭家安 (aka Sam)


Snippet of chapter 1:

~~~~~scene one - homeroom~~~~~

She was looking out of the window...staring...away..away from all the nonsense-ness of this world. He knew. She knew he did. He just didn't react, unlike all of the others, he knew.

~~Knock knock~~

Proffesor: Nancy, stop dreaming and get back to your work. It needs to be done by the end of this lesson you know. You can always think of Will after this.

Nancy: Yes Proffesor. "She needn't always nag me, i know what i'm doing, besides, who said i was thinking about Him?"

~~~~~scene two~~~~~

-------------------TO BE CONTINUED------------------------

Did you like it?? Please comment =] it will give me some encouragement ;]
I only just started it....and i might not update it very regularly, as i have to keep up with uploading and updating this blog as well...but it is still early days =]

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